Material of Flange and Pipe Fitting :

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General Classification "ASTM" Symbols Service
Casting Forgings Temp
Cast Iron A126-Class B 250° C
Cast Iron A126-Class C 250° C
Carbon Steel A216-WCA 420° C
Carbon Steel A216-WCB A105 420° C
1/2Mo Steel A217-WC1 A182-F1 500° C
1¼Cr-1/2Mo A217-WC6 A182-F11 550° C
2¼Cr-1Mo A217-WC9 A182-F22 600° C
5Cr1/2Mo A217-C5 A182-F5a 600° C
9Cr-1Mo A217-C12 A182-F9 650° C
Al Stel A352-LCB,LCC A350-LF2 -46° C
1/2 Mo Steel A352-LC1 -60° C
2½ Ni Steel A352-LC2 -73° C
3½ Ni Steel A352-LC3 A350-LF3 -101° C
Stainless Steel
13Cr-1/2Mo A217-CA15 A182-F6a 550° C
18Cr-8Ni(Co.03) A351-CF3 A182-F304L F304L 800° C
18Cr-8Ni(Co.08) A351-CF8 A182-F304 F304 800° C
18Cr-8Ni-2Mo(Co.03) A351-CF3M A182-F316L F316L 800° C
18Cr-8Ni-2Mo(Co.08) A351-CF8M A182-F316 F316 800° C
A182-F321 F321 800° C
18Cr-8Ni-Cb A351-CF8M A182-F347 F347 800° C
22Cr-12Ni A351-CH20
1200° C
23Cr-19Ni A351-CK20 1200° C
19Cr-27Ni-2Mo-3Cu A351-CN7M 1200° C