Anchor bolt

 Anchor bolt 
expansion anchor bolt 
1. Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel. 
2. from 1/2 inch diameter through 4inch
Material: General Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and so on.

We supply anchor bolt to widely applications:
Fixing constraction screen board, Locking foot of machine or other heavy item: Railings, grille, support, bracket, roof, bottom, machinery, doors, elevators etc.
Recommended substrate: Concrete and Natural Stone.
Function: Resistance to shock, Durability and dependable expension function.
We  provide high-quality, nonstandard anchor bolts and construction fasteners from ½” diameter through 4” diameter, either black or galvanized. immediate shipment to accommodate critical schedules. responds to our customer’s needs by providing custom fabricated anchor bolts that meet their fabrication and delivery requirements. We provide anchor bolts to a diverse customer base ranging from heavy industrial construction contractors requiring thousands of various bolt sizes to the general public needing just a few anchor bolts.